Crewed Yacht Charter Marmaris

Crewed Yacht Charter Marmaris

Crewed yacht charter Marmaris routes are explained in a straight line in a consecutive day-by-day form…

Crewed Yacht Charter Marmaris

Day 1: Crewed Yacht Charter Marmaris Route

our captain will be explaining the guests general rules for your safety and comfort in the yacht, do not extend too much, since you have come to enjoy the sea. every corner is beautiful, however, hopefully, you get the most beautiful place in horn bay. If there is a moment, this is a paradise waiting for a visit to the lodge. Gapping (in the shimmering cove), these colors and lights seem to be visible to you, and never mind the troubles of the outside world, the cheerful laughter can be heard till late hours.

Day 2: Crewed Yacht Charter Marmaris Route

Breakfast is ready, pamper yourself, lukewarm hours in the morning, Your captain will give you all the details while the anchor is being heaved up  The sea is clear, depth suited, one of the most suitable for snorkeling. There is a man who is fascinated with the island, a yacht marshland, and trees close to the shore, but moreover, there are you, for the continuation of these beauties and safe nightfall (to the harbor). teas, snacks, and dinner. But if you want to get to the land, the hiking trail is perfect, the church at the end of the road, do not miss the view from the top of the hills, get your camera.

Day 3: Crewed Yacht Charter Marmaris Route

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Yes, you’ve been out early this morning, but it’s the captain’s experience. While the sea is calm, you need to pass the route on time to show you other paradises. Breakfast is in the teak (Semizce Bay), where we visit the local labyrinths of the wonderful natural wonders. This will be your tour (trail salt beach), labyrinth channels, mud baths, village pond, or lake. But if you do not want it, your captain will take you for a meal, you will love the place for a long stopover, but it is safe to stay overnight.

Day 4: Crewed Yacht Charter Marmaris Route

At breakfast, in the quiet bay, the sea waits for you. Embrace the sand on the beach, sand your feet, if you like to run on the beach, move your blood, do the morning sport. You will also be rewarded for breakfast with a wide variety of cooks. But for lunch (we are on the heavenly island), we are here till five o’clock, here is vira bismillah for the night (in Marmaris). We recommend Marmaris’s lively night out to you while you are sleeping, feeding, and watering. Trust your captain’s guidance, help yourself, direct you to the right places to have fun.

Day 5: Crewed Yacht Charter Marmaris Route

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We start early in the season, at breakfast (in the cove), after the swim (after the cove), right behind the nose, how wonderful are the beautiful waters of the bay. After lunch and after the break, we are in a lovely bay under the tail nose. Sheep beach is very special as if someone came here and made the beach especially. and dinner, our meals of the Mediterranean cuisine complete the night of the dinners, and as the seamen think about what is lucky, the pairs of people get closer to the rhythm dances that provoke music.

Day 6: Crewed Yacht Charter Marmaris Route

If you wake up early in the morning with your first night’s light, leave this oxygen in the paradise of the heavenly zone yourself, wake up in the sea, play in the sea there, and swim in the morning sport, cleaner place to swim? For breakfast smell of toast and sausage, forget the diet, have a fun day to play! After that (pig island) we are in a poncho. This clear bay, which counts pebbles from the depths of meters, is not to be left, but to stay overnight (in the thousand coves). Hiking trail, full location for diving with water sports or mask. The delicious snacks and cold ripe of our meals can come as delicious as you would have seen elsewhere in the sunset.

Day 7: Crewed Yacht Charter Marmaris Route

The mild and calm sea in the morning is so intriguing that you will not understand how the clocks in the sea pass. With the appropriate temperature of the water, hele has been in the last days to be whole with the sea, shortened when it is at sea, but the day is still generous. There are ruins called Cleopatra (bathhouse), also called hamam, this is the only bath in the bay where the queen will do. But what should she say when you feel like you are noble every time she comes? The lunch is colorful with our talented chefs and the flavors are great. After the afternoon, our wind rotations (yassıcalar), activate the captains, vira bismillah, sail fora, machine stop, silence at work. The waters of your yacht squeak and the wind crewed yacht charter Marmaris.

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